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The Blunderbuss

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

The so-called “thunder gun” is a large-bore long arm with a distinctive flared muzzle. It is not a hunting weapon, but a handy defense gun, a hard-hitting smoothbore “street howitzer” designed for close combat.

Its fearsome reputation and wide barrel gives it a +1 to Intimidation. The muzzle flare serves a purpose – it makes it easier to dump a handful of shot down the barrel, and provides a +2 to rolls when trying to reload in precarious positions (such as from a bouncing coach seat or a ship’s rigging).

Two different types of blunderbuss weapons are described below: the small, short, and lightweight “bedroom blunderbuss,” a weapon for repelling housebreakers, sometimes called a canoe or coach gun. It has a 14” steel barrel.

The larger one below is a heavier shipboard weapon sometimes called a “rail gun,” as it was fired from the ship's rail right before boarders leaped on board. It was also, confusingly called a musketoon -- not to be confused with a cavalryman's musket. It was a much lighter version of shipboard swivel gun artillery. It has a 25” brass barrel and a 2” bore and typically is loaded with grapeshot.

A rarer type of blunderbuss is the double-blunderbuss. This was equipped with two barrels, two locks, and two triggers; both barrels can be fired separately or together, without penalty. A single ramrod is fitted below the barrels. Some examples include a spring bayonet. It cannot be fitted with an oval muzzle (below).

Blunderbuss weapons are flexible—they can fire a single large solid shot, so-called pumpkin balls -- as well as shot of various sizes, such as birdshot -- but usually fired buckshot. Adventurers may be most interested in using buck-and-ball, which fires one full-caliber ball and a few buckshot pellets, or they may prefer a double or triple loading if facing a really dangerous adversary. A popular load is “grapeshot,” a handful of very heavy shot of approximately .40 caliber.

A blunderbuss can be fitted with various accessories. Since its flared muzzle is too large for a socket bayonet some are out-fitted with a spring bayonet, which is attached above the barrel and flips down and locks in place when a thumb-activated retainer is pushed on the tang of the stock (a Ready maneuver, or a Free Action with Lightning Fingers). It uses the Spear skill, Reach 1, thrust+1 impaling. It takes two Ready maneuvers to fold the bayonet back. +$50, +1 lb.

Some are fitted with an oval muzzle, rather than a flared one. This acts to spread the shot and change the shot pattern from a circle to an oval which will “lie” horizontally; it gives +1 to hit human-sized targets (SM 0), but also has effective Rcl 2; this means hitting is easier, but the number of hits is reduced.

Sawing off the shoulder stock of a blunderbuss was a favorite of pirates. It removes -1 from Bulk and lowers weight by 1 lb. It also reduces Acc by 1. Multiply ST by 1.2 (round to the nearest whole number) and increase Rcl by 1 (but not if Rcl is 1). A folding stock can also be used.

Blunderbuss, 4-bore.

WPS of 0.12; CPS is $0.50.

Buckshot, dmg 1d pi, Acc 2, Range 30/600, Wt. 6/0.12, Shots 1x13, RoF 1(30), ST 11†, Bulk -4, Rcl 1, Cost $200, Notes [1, 2].

Variant Loads:

Grapeshot, dmg 1d+2 pi+, Rng 30/450, RoF 1x6, Notes [3]

Birdshot, dmg 1d(0.5) pi-, Rng 5/330, RoF1x22, Notes [4]

Ball, dmg 4d pi++, Rng 90/900, RoF 1, Rcl 6

Double Ball, dmg 3d+1 pi++, Rng 45/450, RoF 1x2, Rcl 1

Triple Ball, dmg 3d-1 pi++, Rng 30/300, RoF 1x3, Rcl 1

Buck and Ball, dmg 4d pi++, Rng 80/800, RoF 1x5, Rcl 1, Notes [5]

w/ dmg 1d pi, Rng 30/600

Double Blunderbuss, 4-bore.

This is the same as the blunderbuss, above, but with two barrels.

WPS of 0.12; CPS is $0.50.

Buckshot, dmg 1d pi, Acc 2, Range 30/600, Wt. 9/0.24, Shots 2x13, RoF 2(30), ST 11†, Bulk -4, Rcl 1, Cost $500, Notes [1, 2].

Heavy Blunderbuss/Musketoon

WPS of 0.2; CPS is $0.50.

Grapeshot, dmg 1d+2 pi++, Acc 2, Range 75/750, Wt. 14/0.2, Shots 1x13, RoF 1(30), ST 13M†, Bulk -5, Rcl 1, Cost $500, Notes [1, 2].

† The weapon requires two hands. If you have at least 1.5 times the listed ST (round up), you can use a weapon like this in one hand, but it becomes unready after you attack with it. If you have at least twice the listed ST, you can wield it one-handed with no readiness penalty.

[1] Sling swivels.

[2] The buckshot load provides +3 to hit due to RoF bonus; the heavy blunderbuss grapeshot gives +3 to hit.

[3] The grapeshot load provides a +1 to hit due to RoF bonus.

[4] The birdshot load provides a +4 to hit due to RoF bonus.

[5] Treat as a shotload, Rcl 1; the first hit scored is always with the full-caliber ball, while any further hits are with the buckshot. The load gives a +1 to hit due to RoF bonus

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09 nov 2019

Thanks for dropping by David. Always good to hear from you!

Me gusta

08 nov 2019

Nice details! I'd never heard of the "bedroom blunderbuss" but it has an evocative name. Describing a bad-ass pirate NPC as "armed with a double-blunderbuss with fixed bayonet and a load of pumpkin balls" would be fun...

Me gusta
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