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Doug Cole's Gaming Ballistic

Christopher R. Rice's Ravens and Pennies

Hans Christian Vortisch's Shooting Dice

Peter V. Dell'Orto DungeonFantastic


Cannibal Christmas

Eons before European folklore was Christianized, and then purified for commercialization (thanks to Macy's and Madison Avenue), and...

My take on "GURPS High-Tech Revisited"

This is a long and rambling post. Be warned. Eight years after High-Tech, in Pyramid 70, Fourth Edition Festival, Hans-Christian Vortisch...

Napalm and Nagas

"Take a look at the symbol of your Vietnam occupation medal, and you’ll find there’s a dragon in bamboo. You ever wonder why?” -Kregg P....

GURPS Vehicles for the Vietnam War

Running a Vietnam War campaign can require a large number of vehicles and their stats. With this post, I will give some GURPS sources for...

MACV-SOG and the Grenade Launcher

When the secret commandos of MACV-SOG began running covert operations "across the fence," that is, outside of the borders of South...

The Blunderbuss

The so-called “thunder gun” is a large-bore long arm with a distinctive flared muzzle. It is not a hunting weapon, but a handy defense...

Flintlock Gun-Fu

In one of my recent GURPS campaigns, Saints, Seadogs, and Sachems, I made an extensive document with content focused on gunplay in the...

About Me

     As an RPG writer and a professional historian, it's only natural that I often blend the two interests together. I've written for GURPS, from Steve Jackson Games, for nearly 20 years (and playtested for a decade before that), but I've also contributed to Amarillo Design Bureau, and Big Eyes, Small Mouth (D20), as well as the Hostile setting for the Cepheus Game Engine. This is a venue to share some of my notes, research, and campaign documents. Drop me a line and tell me how you use history in your games. 

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